Harmonising Inclusivity: Agile Ability’s uplifting film shortlisted for Award

In March 2023, amidst an impressive lineup of 400 films, we were thrilled to learn that our film for The Include Choir had been shortlisted as one of the 18 finalists in the prestigious 2023 Smiley Charity Film Awards. This recognition fills our hearts with immense pride reinforcing our unwavering commitment to eloquently and authentically […]

How to prepare for professional video interviews

Things you need to know about the day of filming. A corporate video is only as good as the interview footage. Our Guide to the Logistics of Filming in Your Office will help you get the most for your investment. Planning logistics ahead of time will mean a smooth day of shooting. Find out what to expect, […]

Promo video captures the magic of racehorse training at Alice Haynes Racing

It is before sunrise in Newmarket, Suffolk – the headquarters of British horseracing. At the end of October, winter is in the air. Morning stables have started with the horses being woken for their breakfast. But this isn’t just another Friday at Alice Haynes Racing. At 5am, the Agile Ability film crew arrive. Director Lee Mancini, camera […]

HiS suicide charity film up for award

We couldn’t be prouder that our documentary video ‘HiS’ is up for a film award! HiS is an emotional documentary that lifts the veil on the ever-growing and disproportionate number of suicides amongst men in Britain. It is produced and directed by Lee Mancini. The film explores the heartfelt and often tragic stories that drive […]

Video Marketing: What’s all the fuss?

Is it worth using video marketing for your SME, local business or non-profit organisation? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, what are you waiting for? Many business owners have been reluctant to create their own videos, and this for valid reason. As Wyzowl’s research suggests, it could be lack of time (23%), not […]

There’s a Place in the Include Choir for Everyone

When last did singing make your world bounce? On a recent film shoot it was all we could do to keep the camera straight. If we told you we were filming a documentary for Include Choiryou’ll know exactly what we mean about bopping up and down during the songs. Include Choir isn’t your common-or-garden singing group. Started […]

Kenward Trust-HiS Charity Partnership: Making A Difference Together

Director/Producer Lee Mancini makes a short documentary to celebrate the partnership between Kenward Trust and Suicide Prevention Charity, HiS. The documentary reveals that a partnership between HiS Suicide Prevention Charity and Kenward Trust covers both the addiction and mental health aspects of vulnerable people struggling with drugs or alcohol. The success rate is a very high 86%. […]

HiS – Helping Men Help Themselves

Film maker Lee Mancini explores the exceptional work of HiS Suicide Prevention Charity. In England and Wales, three-quarters of suicide deaths are men. It’s easy to think of this as just another statistic, unless you have lost a friend, a husband, a brother. Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, helpless . . . these are common symptoms of […]

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