Agility Films are always happy to receive unsolicited ideas. If you have an idea for a TV show, documentary  or factual  entertainment,  let  us  know!  If  you  are/or  know  of  some  interesting  characters  doing  exceptional things, let us know that too.  

Please  do  take  a  look  at  our terms  and  conditions  before  doing  so. We  can  only  accept  your  idea  materials if you read the terms below and agree to the following: 

  1. You created  the  idea or own  the rights  to  the concept  you’re submitting  (or  you represent  the  creator or owner). 
  2. You acknowledge that the materials you submit will not be returned to you. 
  3. Agility Films did  not  request  these  materials  from  you.  You’re  submitting  them  out  of  the  willingness to scope out the prospect and engage in a long form agreement. 
  4. You will receive no money or compensation for the time spent on an idea before approaching us,  or simply for submitting your idea to us in the first instance. 
  5. If  we  like  an  idea,  we  will  contact  you  to  create  a  separate  option  agreement  so  that  we  can  develop  the  project  for  television  or  other  media  platforms.  At  that  point,  we’ll  negotiate  compensation for use of your ideas or any materials you submit. 
  6. The concept you’re submitting is not protected by copyright law. 
  7. The use of these materials to develop a series will not  infringe on the rights of any third party  (someone other than you or us). 
  8. You  will  indemnify,  defend  and  hold  us  harmless  from  any  and  all  suits,  claims,  or  liability  (including reasonable legal fees) that result from any breach of this agreement on your part. 
  9. Agility Films can transfer or assign this agreement to networks, other buyers, or co-producers. 
  10. Your submission is not confidential. Agility Films can discuss your materials with our employees,  agents, and networks to see if they’re any good. 
  11. Agility Films has its own development department and some of the ideas already being developed  by us may be similar to the idea or concept you’re submitting. You agree that you have no claim  against Agility Films for misappropriating any of your ideas or materials in any future Agility Films programmes or activities.

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