Elevated News Production

Our green screen production format empowers us to design bespoke news presentation videos, complete with a seasoned news presenter and captivating background graphics.

This distinctive approach not only delivers information effectively but also provides an entertaining and engaging way for your business to be recognized as a leading authority within your industry.

Why opt for our

Green Screen News Production?

1. Custom Tailoring

Utilizing green screen technology, we tailor news presentations specifically for your business, ensuring a unique and impactful representation of your brand in every video.

2. Professional News Presenters

Our team includes skilled news presenters who bring a touch of professionalism and credibility to your content. Let their expertise enhance your message and establish your brand as a trusted industry authority.

3. Captivating Background Graphics

Elevate your news videos with visually appealing background graphics that complement your message. Our creative use of graphics adds a dynamic and memorable touch to your presentations.

4. Engaging Authority

Step into a new era of communication by choosing our green screen news production. Transform traditional information sharing into an entertaining and engaging experience, positioning your business as a credible authority.

How Our

Process Works

Collaborative Consultation

We work closely with you to understand your brand identity, industry nuances, and communication objectives.

Tailored Scripting

Our team crafts a compelling script that aligns with your key messages and business expertise.

Green Screen Production

Using cutting-edge green screen technology, we film your news presentation with our professional news presenters against a visually dynamic background.

Graphics Integration

We seamlessly integrate captivating background graphics, enhancing the visual appeal and overall impact of your news videos.

Delivery of Excellence

Receive polished, high-quality news production videos ready for sharing across various platforms.

Benefits of Choosing Our

News Production Videos

Established Authority

Showcase your business as an established authority within your industry through expertly presented news content.

Visual Appeal

green screen technology and creative graphics ensure visually striking videos that leave a lasting impression.

Entertainment Value

Break through the noise with entertaining news presentations that capture and maintain your audience’s attention.

Choose Agility Films to deliver your elevated News Production for a communication strategy that not only informs and entertains, but also positions your business as the trusted authority in your industry.


Experience the power of our green screen production to take your news presentations to new heights.

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