Fairer Share - Council Tax: A broken system - Episode 1

Fairer Share is a national campaign dedicated to creating a fairer taxation system in the UK.

We are developing a mini documentary series of 5 episodes for the Fairer Share Campaign over the course of 2023 and leading up to the General Elections in 2024.

Our focus for this film was to communicate the story of Council Tax, how it came to be, its history with the Poll Tax riots and ultimately to educate the audience that there was a simpler and better option: The Proportional Property Tax.

We were honoured to be able to interview a number of high profile MPs, Economists and leading think tanks including Dame Margaret Hodge MP, Grahame Morris MP, George Dib leading economist of IPPR think tank and others, which have supported the campaign or presented an opinion on the Council Tax system and each told their individual story as to why they feel Fairer Share’s proposal for a Proportional Property Tax is a fairer solution for the country.

Filming on location in Westminster and the surrounding area, the production team had to circumnavigate the many licenses and rules to film in such a central London location as well as security issues with filming within such a security sensitive area.

Director: Lee Mancini
DOP: Nick Marrington
Camera A: Taha Seder
Camera Assistant: Jan Williams-Bailey
Runner: Leon Latham-Glen
Editor: Lee Mancini
Colourist: Taha Seder

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