In November, Georgina Yvonne Jewellery, an award-winning bespoke jewellery designer based in London, approached Agility Films to create a promotional video for her social media platforms and website, gearing up for the busy holiday season.

The primary objective of the shoot was to highlight the intricate and detailed designs of her jewellery, capturing every small detail. To achieve this, we chose a clean and contemporary aesthetic, emphasising the elegance of her creations against a clean white infinity background.

In a half-day session, we successfully produced the main video for her channels, created vertical teasers as cut-downs, and conducted an interview with Georgina to share her experience during the filming process.

Director: Lee Mancini
Cam. A: Taha Seder
Runner: Leon Langham-Glenn
Editor: Lee Mancini and Taha Seder
Colourist: Taha Seder

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