HIS - A Focus On Men's Mental Health Documentary Short

Produced and Directed by Lee Mancini ‘HIS’, explores the people around a suicide prevention charity ‘HIS’ – ‘His Information and Support’ in Kent.

The documentary lifts the veil on an ever-growing disproportionate number of suicides amongst men and tries to understand some of the insidious driving forces behind male suicide by interviewing leading Clinical Psychologist in the field of men’s mental health, Martin Seagar.

Lee approached the subject with a mature sensitivity and the film presents itself emotionally by combining beautiful music donated by Lauren Daigle and Disturbed with poetic locations.
Lee was able to gain the trust of many of the men who have suffered from the mental health issues which led them to require the support of the charity, as well as many of the volunteers who themselves have tragic stories which drove them to want to be volunteers. Ultimately the film manages to convey a positive message of hope which seeps from every pore of this film. The film was supported by 2 time Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter Lauren Daigle, with her hit song ‘Rescue’, which so perfectly encapsulates the theme of the film.

HIS manages to find hope and light in the darkness, and is a positive outlook on how through the darkest times many get through and find life and even happiness again.

A film that will inspire many to want to help and at the very least try to understand the issues that are affecting men in today’s world; a fight they fight every single day for their families, for their loved ones and most importantly for themselves.

“I fight for my health every day in way most people don’t understand. I’m not lazy. I’m a warrior.”

Produced & Directed: Lee Mancini
Camera A: Jan Williams- Bailey
Camera B: Lee Mancini
Camera C: Elle Brown
Sound Assistant: William Donahue
Legal Affairs: Nicola Hartley – Mint and Co

Music Donated:

Written By Lauren Daigle, Paul Mabury, Jason Ingram
Performed by Lauren Daigle
Courtesy of Centricity Music, Capitol CMG, Sony Music Publishing, Warner Music.

“Sound of Silence”
Performed by Disturbed
Written by Paul Simon
Courtesy of Universal Music Publishing, Warner Music.

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