Life Transitions

Life Transitions is an introduction into a new and bold initiative by the East Sussex County Council aimed at supporting a better later life by helping people to make informed decisions when it comes to their retirement.

The aim is to reduce isolation and loneliness, helping to improve the wellbeing in the 60+ age group and improve rural community vitality. Many people dream of living in idilic, rural country settings or by the sea in their later life, often choosing to retire in a rural county such as East Sussex. However, they often do not contemplate the issues these rural settings may pose in their later years when they may begin suffering with mobility issues or they are unable to drive. Often elderly people in rural area become isolated, far away from family and friends.

The Life Transitions initiative supports adults to think about the decisions they are making through a digital App as well as a volunteer one-to-one service. By helping people to realise the potential issues with retiring to rural areas, councils such as The East Sussex County Council can help to improve people’s lives as they get older, which is proven to prolong the need to be admitted to the social services system.

The films objective was to raise awareness of the initiate and tell the story through the eyes of the councillors and volunteers driving the initiative.

Producer Director: Lee Mancini
Camera & Lighting: Jan Williams-Bailey
Editor: Lee Mancini

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