What it means to win the Irish Derby

No-one is closer to a racehorse than their groom, not the jockey, the trainer nor the owner.
The person who spends the most time with the horse from morning until evening, day-in and day-out, is the groom and the connection they have is a bond that cannot be broken.

We followed the thrilling emotional ride of the 2023 Irish Derby winning horse Auguste Rodin through the eyes of his groom. You can’t help but smile when watching this video, the happiness that emanates from David Hickey is palpable and infectious.

We loved making this film for World Horse Racing and Horse Racing Ireland. And keeping up with David Hickey with all the filming gear wasn’t easy! Who knew he could run so fast! 🙂

This branded video was produced for World Horse Racing and Horse Racing Ireland’s social media channels and was also distributed to a worldwide network of TV Broadcast journalists via the World Horse Racing syndication hub.

Producer – Gillian Byrne
Director – Lee Mancini
Camera – Lee Mancini
Editor – Lee Mancini

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