HiS suicide charity film up for award

We couldn’t be prouder that our documentary video ‘HiS’ is up for a film award!

HiS is an emotional documentary that lifts the veil on the ever-growing and disproportionate number of suicides amongst men in Britain. It is produced and directed by Lee Mancini.

The film explores the heartfelt and often tragic stories that drive many of the volunteers who work for this suicide prevention charity, as well as many of the men whose lives have been saved by the charity.

HiS manages to find hope and light in the darkness.

It is a positive outlook on how, even in the midst of the darkest times, many get through and find life and happiness again.

This is a film that will inspire many to want to help and, at the very least, try to understand the issues that are affecting men in today’s world as they fight every single day for their families, for their loved ones and, most importantly, for themselves.

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Watch the trailer:

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