Agility Films Spotlights Council Tax System Flaws in New Documentary Series with the Fairer Share Campaign

In our era of heightened social consciousness, the Fairer Share Campaign stands out, advocating for a revamped UK taxation system. Its primary targets? The often-overlooked issues of Council Tax and Stamp Duty.

Agility Films has masterfully crafted a series of documentaries that delve into the complicated history and inherent issues of the present Council Tax system. This system was initially set up as a quick replacement for the contentious Poll Tax, which played a role in the downfall of the Thatcher government. Interestingly, one of our interviewees mentioned that the current system was likely intended as a temporary measure, yet “it wasn’t” revisited.

With the Labour Party’s annual conference around the corner, it’s the perfect time to shine a spotlight on our documentary series, and more importantly, the existing imbalances in the property tax system. This event is a prime occasion to promote the Proportional Property Tax solution proposed by the Fairer Share Campaign.

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Fairer Share Campaign Films

Upon being introduced to the Fairer Share Campaign, it dawned on me that the journey to understanding the current Council Tax system was deep-rooted in history. These historical ties explained the establishment of a system more than two decades old.

Our challenge lay in simplifying a complex topic into an engaging narrative. We aimed to shed light on the Council Tax’s past, present issues, and the prospective benefits of the Proportional Property Tax. Tailoring this for an online audience with typically short attention spans was essential.

Our solution? A series of brief docuseries-style films segmented into five episodes. Each episode was designed to offer a complete narrative, ensuring viewers would comprehend the message even if they only watched a single episode. The result, I believe, was a success.

Interviews with Thought Leaders

Our project was enriched by the insights of notable figures in politics and economics. Conversations with the likes of Dame Margaret Hodge, a political veteran of three decades, Easington MP Graham Morris, economic strategist George Dibb of IPPR, and Theresa May’s chief pollster, James Johnson, lent depth and authority to our series.

The diverse perspectives these experts brought to the table highlighted the broad support for the campaign.

Working on this documentary has reaffirmed my belief in the transformative power of filmmaking, especially documentaries, in driving societal change. It has sown the seeds for our upcoming documentary on the Poll Tax riots of March 1990, set to be the first of its kind, detailing the most significant civil disturbance in UK’s history. Research is currently underway.

Watch the Series here:

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