Why Events Companies Should Produce Promotional Videos

Events Companies Promotional Videos

Increase Engagement and Reach Promotional videos are a powerful tool to capture the attention of potential attendees. Videos are more engaging than text or static images, making them ideal for showcasing the energy and excitement of an event. According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands they support​ (Gov.uk)​. […]

The Benefits of Producing E-Learning Videos for Corporate Training Companies

Corporate Training Videos

As a corporate training company, leveraging e-learning videos can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your training programs. Here are several benefits supported by recent statistics from the United Kingdom: Increased Retention Rates E-learning videos are known to increase learner retention rates. Studies have shown that e-learning can boost retention rates by 25% to 60% compared […]

Best Practices for Creating Training Videos: Maximising Engagement and Retention with E-Learning

In today’s digital age, training videos have become an essential tool for corporate learning and development. Agility Films, an independent Film Production company based near Redhill, Surrey knows only too well how important creating engaging and visually appealing videos are in enhancing the learning experience. It’s so important we thought we would create an infographic […]

Agility Films Premieres “Wired” at The Light Cinema in Redhill

Agility Films, a dynamic film production company based in Redhill, Surrey, specialising in documentaries, branded content, and dramatic films, held a private screening of their latest short film, Wired, at The Light cinema in Redhill on Thursday, 16th May. The film, a captivating blend of technology and suspense, was co-written and produced by Lee Mancini, […]

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