HiS – Helping Men Help Themselves

    Film maker Lee Mancini explores the exceptional work of HiS Suicide Prevention Charity.

    In England and Wales, three-quarters of suicide deaths are men. It’s easy to think of this as just another statistic, unless you have lost a friend, a husband, a brother.

    Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, helpless . . . these are common symptoms of depression. This is exacerbated by the stigma that still exists around mental health, especially for men. Not able to ask for help. Not knowing who to ask. 

    Perhaps the saddest part is knowing that many suicides can be prevented. If only someone knew.

    In 2019, when Jules Morris unexpectedly lost a dear friend to suicide she was moved to formalise a system of support for men experiencing mental health problems. She formed HiS Suicide Prevention Charity specifically to reduce suicide in men across Kent and the South-East of England.

    HiS is clear: If you need to talk, we are here to listen.

    The HiS trustees, management and keyworkers support men by walking with them through their journey. Each member has experienced their own mental health struggles. The whole team knows what you are going through. 

    But more people need to know about HiS and the work they do.

    Men, partners, families and communities: everyone has a role to play in reducing suicide. “This is why I have made a documentary about HiS.  It is probably the most profound work of my career,” commented Lee Mancini, the Producer Director of the film.

    “It has been an honour to work on this project, interviewing and filming both HiS volunteers and some of the men who have benefitted from the charity’s work. I’ve been constantly humbled by the confidence many have placed in me as they told their very personal stories and given permission for them to be shared.”

    Lee went on to say, “I have done my utmost to approach this film with sensitivity.” 

    HiS documentary - Lee Mancini

    Each story is incredibly moving.

    You can view the documentary trailer here. Perhaps you could share it with someone in trouble.

    “The film is almost complete, but there’s more that needs saying . . . and doing. We’re exploring the opportunity to continue the project and develop a broadcast version of the documentary.”   

    It shouldn’t be difficult for men who are struggling to ask for help, but it still is. HiS Suicide Prevention Charity makes it easier. Call 0300 1212818.

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