Kenward Trust-HiS Charity Partnership: Making A Difference Together

Director/Producer Lee Mancini makes a short documentary to celebrate the partnership between Kenward Trust and Suicide Prevention Charity, HiS.

The documentary reveals that a partnership between HiS Suicide Prevention Charity and Kenward Trust covers both the addiction and mental health aspects of vulnerable people struggling with drugs or alcohol. The success rate is a very high 86%.

Interviews with passionate HiS Founder and CEO, Jules Morris and Kenward Trust CEO, Penny Williams have helped us create an authentic and moving documentary showcasing the good work they are doing. We are confident that it will inspire the public to donate their skills or funding to help save a life. Please watch it here

A stronger safety net

HiS and Kenward Trust work hand-in-hand to achieve sustainable outcomes. The beautiful Kenward House offers residential rehab that empowers people to take control of their lives and provides help and guidance to transform their path away from addiction and homelessness. HiS focuses on supporting men with debilitating mental health issues, reducing isolation and destigmatising mental health. 

“A lot of people fall through the gap of the social services that are provided. Kenwood Trust supports people with addiction. But HiS supports people with mental health issues. And actually, where does the treatment start? Do you treat the mental health first or do you treat the addiction first? And often working in partnership is the best way for the individual  . . . Now with the two charities working together, we are covering all aspects of that person’s needs,” said Penny Williams during the film.

At Agile Ability we believe that, if more people are to be helped, the public should be made aware of the Kenward Trust-HiS Charity partnership. Our contribution is the pro bono production of a documentary that will make this possible.

documentary kenward trust-his charity partnership

HiS Suicide Prevention Charity is smashing the stigma

When a friend unexpectedly took their own life in 2019, Jules Morris became determined to spare others the suffering that comes with the suicide of a loved one by preventing the suicide in the first place. She was driven to formalise a system of support for at-risk men. Having worked in the field of mental health for most of her adult life, she could lean into her experience, knowledge and network to form a not-for-profit organisation to assist and support men suffering from (diagnosed or undiagnosed) depression or mental health issues. 

With men accounting for 75% of the suicide deaths in Wales and England, her goal is clear: to reduce suicide in men across Kent and the South-East of England. She founded HiS Suicide Prevention Charity, a service that supports men 100% by walking with them through their journey. A host of counsellors, keyworkers, therapists and mentors ensure that support is far-reaching.

“There are no time scales or budget in your recovery, all counsellors know they will help you until you feel empowered enough to deal with your mental health. Once you have left our service our door is always open for you to come back whenever you need us. We will also check in with you from time to time as you are always part of the HiS family.”

Kenward Trust-HiS Charity partnership - Lee Mancini

Kenward Trust: Transforming lives. Creating new futures.

Kenward Trust is Kent’s leading Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre. When you visit their website, one of the first things you’ll see is an appeal: “Help us transform the lives of people experiencing addiction and homelessness.” At Agile Ability, we knew we should help by doing what we do best: documentary production to create awareness. 

It’s the way in which Kenward Trust helps people in crisis that is so encouraging. “We work closely with schools and the community, throughout Kent and Medway, providing a preventative, early intervention and outreach substance abuse service.” 

The Trust supports those on the margins of society, and those with mental and physical health issues by offering residential rehabilitation. In the firm belief that everyone deserves a second chance, they take a Therapeutic Community approach. “We provide a safe place to call home for those experiencing addiction and homeless issues, whilst steadily reintegrating them back into the community.”

There by the grace of God. Good work deserves your support.

Director/Producer Lee Mancini’s documentary is an appeal for donations that will enable the Kenward Trust-HiS Charity partnership to expand their programme nationally. It is an invitation to organisations who would like to assist by raising money for them to get in touch.

It is a joint appeal. Help us transform the lives of people experiencing addiction and homelessness. Help men help themselves.

You can give a gift of hope for the future. Find out how.

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