There’s a Place in the Include Choir for Everyone

When last did singing make your world bounce? On a recent film shoot it was all we could do to keep the camera straight. If we told you we were filming a documentary for Include Choiryou’ll know exactly what we mean about bopping up and down during the songs.

Include Choir isn’t your common-or-garden singing group. Started by the immutable Alix Lewer (a speech therapist), Include is an incredible charity. Their vision statement says it all: Everyone included through the right communication.

The charity teaches people better ways of including and involving people with understanding or speaking difficulties. 

Include is a fun-loving, friendly place to make friends and practice communication skills.

Include is all about thinking outside the box: music, games, cake and laughter are our tools to bring inclusive communication to life and to take us one step closer to an inclusive world. To Include someone is to unlock their potential and we guarantee you’ll be surprised at what people can achieve.”

Not being able to communicate is more than frustrating. It is debilitating. It creates a barrier between both adults and children with learning or communication difficulties and those who share their lives, from family and friends to carers, health professionals, and the rest of the world.

The charity hopes that teaching people about Makaton and inclusive communications will help more people with learning disabilities to be included. Unlike sign language, Makaton is a learning programme designed to help hearing people with learning or communication difficulties. The programme enables people to communicate through speech, symbols, and signs.  It is a daily help to more than 100,000 adults and children. Having experienced the benefits, Include is doing their bit to increase this number.

Everyone is invited.

The choir is inclusive: people with and without understanding or speaking difficulties are welcome. And the results speak volumes. For instance, 83% of members say that the Include Choir has helped them to speak up for themselves. 

It has been a privilege and pleasure to produce a short film for Include ChoirWatch it here.

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